Geoffrey Field Infant School

Geoffrey Field Infant School

Sport Premium Funding 

Our aim is for all pupils to enjoy PE and sport both whilst at school and in the future. We also expect children to learn about healthy lifestyles and balanced nutritional meals.

What is Sport Premium Funding?

The funding comes from the government who has continued its investment in Primary PE and sport, through ‘Sporting Future: A New Strategy for an Active Nation’. The funding is ring-fenced and can only be spent on Sport and PE provision. As a school we are required to publish information about how much sport and PE premium funding we receive; how it has been allocated; the impact of this and what we intend to spend it on in the coming financial year. 

PE and Sport Premium Report 2023-2024

PE and Sport Premium Review 2022-2023

PE and Sport Premium Report 2022-2023

PE and Sport Premium Review 2021-2022

PE and Sport Premium Report 2021-2022


Children’s comments 

“I like it when new people come in and teach us different things and when we get to do work on the apparatus.” – a Year 2 child

“I like learning new things, like when we do new dance moves.” - a Year 1 child

“I like getting to move in different ways.” – a Reception child