Geoffrey Field Infant School

Geoffrey Field Infant School

Our School Day

Timings for each year group: 


Start time

Finish time

Nursery AM






Year 1



Year 2



Nursery PM




These are the compulsory times the school is open which amounts to 32.5 hours per week for all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 within a typical week. 


The structure of the school day: 

Teaching and Learning will cover the whole curriculum; this is the Early Years Foundation Stage for Nursery and Reception, and the National Curriculum for Years 1 and 2. 

Teaching time: 

In a normal week we spend approximately 24 hours and 10 minutes on actual teaching. This does not include time spent on the following:

  • Registration (approximately 50 minutes per week)
  • Morning Break (approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes per week)
  • Collective Worship (approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes per week)
  • Lunchtime (approximately 5 hours per week)


Attendance and Punctuality 

Children are expected to be punctual and are expected to attend every day unless ill. Parents are requested to contact the school office (0118 9375473) before 9.30am in the event of an absence. There is an answer phone available for messages during out of school hours. For more information on attendance please click here. The gate will close at 8.55am, any pupils arriving after this time will need to enter via the school office. 

It is essential that reasons for absence are communicated with school.  If you are unable to phone you can also text or email the school. Any absences where parents have not communicated with school, or responded to school's attempts to communicate, to provide a reason will be recorded as unauthorised. If there are repeated or prolonged periods of absence parents may be asked to provide medical evidence in order for the absence to be logged as authorised. 



Click here for more information on uniform. 


What should my child bring? 

  • A water bottle (this will be sent home regularly for cleaning and refilling) 
  • A book bag (to send home reading books and reading target cards) 
  • A PE kit (this will stay in school for the duration of the half term unless requested by parents to take home and wash more frequently)