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Updates to home learning pages (20.4.2020): 

  • Easter Holiday suggestions - fun activities to help keep children happy, engaged and curious during the two week holidays.  Click on the year group buttons below. 
  • New general home learning links. Scroll down to access. 
  • New links to support with children's wellbeing and support for parents. Click here


Please click on the relevant year group below for home learning suggestions and activities. Each page also gives the contact information for how to contact your child's teacher to ask any questions regarding home learning.

You can also scroll down on this page to find some general links to websites that are suitable for using at home to support learning. 

The Home Learning pages have been updated with some suggestions of activities for during the Easter Holidays.  We appreciate that the children will not be able to do many of the activities that they would usually enjoy during the Easter break, so the teachers have found some suggestions for indoor/garden activities to help keep children entertained and hopefully overcome boredom! 

 Nursery Reception 

 Year 1 Year 2

For tips on home learning for parents/carers, please click here


If your child is worried about coronavirus, or is finding the changes difficult there are some resources to help them. Please click here and here.  You can also contact our Pastoral Support Worker, Sarah King for any help and advice linked to your child, yourself or others at home. Email sarah.king@geoffreyfieldinfant.reading.sch.uk or call/text 07716 643783. Sarah will be available at times during the Easter holidays as well so she will get back to you to offer support outside of the scheduled term time. 

There are also some additional links for support for parents and for children on our COVID-19 information page


General Home Learning Links

The following websites may be useful in supporting home learning.

The links are colour coded: red - suitable for Nursery and Reception, blue - suitable for Years 1 and 2, purple - suitable for all.

 From Monday 20th April BBC Bitesize will post daily content. There is also a lot of other content that you can access by following the link. 

  For something with music and movement, daily YouTube body percussion sessions at 11.00am

 Every week at 4.00pm on a Thursday, Julia Donaldson reads one of her books.  The videos are also available afterwards on her Facebook page. 

    Home access to Espresso, which is a learning platform that we use in school to access a wide range of resources.  Click Login in the top right corner, the username is student4619 and the password is geoffrey

 Free access to audio books that can be streamed on a computer, tablet or phone. 

Activity Village  Craft, colouring and puzzle activities. 

Scratch Junior Computer programming app suitable for ages 5-7

Learning projects This website has suggested learning projects for EYFS (Nursery and Reception) and KS1 (Year 1 and Year 2) 

Chester Zoo hosted live streams throughout the day on Friday, these are still available to watch. Then you could complete a zoo inspired project at home:  

  • Encourage your child to ask questions about the animals and then watch and listen carefully for the answers. 
  • Draw or paint pictures of the different animals.  Or use playdough, collage or something else more creative. 
  • Choose one animal to create a fact file about. Click here to see some templates you could use or adapt to make your own. 
  • Design a map for your own zoo, labelling where different animals would live and think carefully about which animals would like to live near water, in trees, somewhere dark etc. Click here for some inspiration. Remember you could also create your zoo map using Lego or other construction toys. 
  • Write a letter/email to Chester Zoo to tell them what you enjoyed most about the virtual tour. You could also write to another attraction, such as London Aquarium, and ask them to do something similar.

Oxford Owl free online books Free online ebooks for your child to read. There is an online reading assessment to help you find the right level of book, as the colour levels will not match the ones we use at Geoffrey Field

Oxford Owl learning  Learning activities from Oxford Owl

Twinkl You can sign up for access to free resources 

Maths Mastery Free Early Years and KS1 maths resources - printables for KS1 and activity ideas for Early Years.

Phonics Play This website has a number of free to access phonics games that would be particularly suitable for pupils in Reception or Year 1

Non screen based learning activities Here is a list of 25 activities that you can do to support learning at home that are non screen based

Spellings Games that support pupils in Years 1 and 2 to learn some of the common exception words as listed in the National Curriculum 

KS1 printable pack This pack produced by TTS is a printable activity book. The activities cover a range of subjects such as Literacy, Art, Science and Music. The activities will not link to your child's current topics in school but you may be able to look through together to find something they are interested in learning about

Early Years Maths This website has a range of leaflets that suggest ways to support Maths learning at home without needing to print any resources

Early Years Writing These are the leaflets from the same website as above, linked to Writing

Early Years printable pack This pack produced by TTS provides some printable resources as well as a wide range of suggested activities including making playdough (recipe provided), nursery rhymes and physical activity challenges

 Free access to a range of maths activities

Go Noodle Short videos to guide your child through physical activities from mindful yoga to more intense workouts that can be done at home

Lego challenge This 30 day Lego challenge calendar gives a purpose to Lego play and encourages your child to plan, construct and problem solve

100 things to do indoors There are lots of fun things to do on this list and lots of learning opportunities within them

BFfC stay at home activities Helpful links and suggestions of things to do at particular times of day, which may help with timetabling your days at home

Daily timetable ideas





An example timetable