Ethos and Values

All schools aim to promote the moral, spiritual, physical and cultural development of all children.

Moral development is an important part of education and one which begins at an early age. At this school our aim is to teach children the value of the following:

  • telling the truth
  • keeping promises
  • respecting the rights and property of others
  • acting considerately towards others
  • helping those less fortunate and weaker than ourselves
  • taking personal responsibility for one’s actions
  • self-discipline
  • the school promotes the belief that bullying, unkindness, irresponsibility and dishonesty are unacceptable
  • the school promotes British Values

As children grow and develop they will learn why such behaviour is not acceptable and begin to make their own moral decisions about other matters

It is important that children try things out for themselves and learn to be positive about their successes and where they need to try harder.

All members of the school staff take great care with the welfare and safety of the children and expect all pupils to behave in a safe and co-operative way. The school has a policy for Behaviour, which is available for any parent to read. (Please note reference will be made about behaviour and attendance on the written report you receive each year.)

The Behaviour Policy incorporates the Bullying Policy and the Anti-Racism Policy.