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Geoffrey Field Infant School

Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Children's emotional health and wellbeing is an essential part of their development. During these particularly challenging times we have collected some links and suggestions on this page that may help.

This diagram helps to remind us that learning (and other higher-order thinking skills) can only happen once children's other needs have been met. It is important that children feel safe and secure before starting to work on things that are higher up such as self-actualisation, which includes key skills for learning such as problem solving and creativity. 









Children will already be familiar with the BOUNCE acronym and posters that are a reminder to children of the learning they do in school linked to wellbeing, positive feelings and resilience. You may want to refer to this card as a starting point for conversations. 





Activities and Apps for Children

Find a jar or a box and fill it with all the things that you are missing and would like to be able to do. When this is all over this will be able to be your list of things to do. This activity will also give parents an insight into what children are actually missing (it might not be the things you expect!) and help you to know what you could put in place at home in the meantime. 



Create an emotion wheel.  Click here for guidance on this activity and to access a template and instructions. 






 A good way to help your body and brain relax is to do some breathing exercises - we breathe all the time but sometimes we are not breathing properly, which can make us feel tense. 

This video guides you through some breathing exercises and it only takes a couple of minutes. 





Managing my feelings and emotions activity pack


ThinkNinja is a free app designed to support children's emotional health and wellbeing. It is available from your device's relevant app store. 



Click here for more information. 




This app helps children to relax, manage their worries and improve their wellbeing. It is free and you can click here for more information. 





Stop, Breathe & Think for Kids is an app (only available on Apple). It has fun activities and meditations for children. Suitable for ages 5-10 years. 




Tips for parents and carers

Below are tips for supporting your child/children. You can link in to some support for yourself by contacting Sarah King, our patoral support worker. 


Support your child in recognising and labelling their emotions. Sometimes the adult needs to label the emotion for the child, "I can see you are feeling..." until they are at the stage where they are able to do this more independently. Once the emotion is labelled, it is easier to try and find ways to manage it.