Home School Agreement 

The Governing Body and Staff believe that working in partnership with families is crucial to both the happiness and outcomes of our pupils. We use this Home School Contract to ensure all involved are clear about their responsibilities and expectations.

 The school will:

  • provide equal opportunities for all pupils
  • provide for children’s learning, welfare, health and safety
  • provide a broad and relevant curriculum
  • ensure that all children are given the opportunity to make the best possible progress
  • create the conditions for children to be motivated, involved and proud of their achievements
  • provide appropriate Home Learning at regular intervals
  • provide opportunities for parents to gain further understanding of the curriculum and their child’s learning and progress in school
  • be open and welcoming, and listen and respond to parents’ concerns


Parents/carers will:

  • bring my child to school every day and on time (8.50am start, excluding illness) ensuring that s/he is ready to learn
  • provide a reason for my child’s absence before 9.30am
  • keep the school informed of emergency contact numbers
  • make every effort to attend school meetings and workshops
  • attend each termly parent/teacher meeting
  • make sure the school book bag with reading book is in school every day
  • support my child with Home Learning opportunities, including reading
  • inform the school of any concerns or problems that may affect my child’s behaviour or learning
  • take part in activities and receive services that will help my child achieve
  • support the school’s policies on health and safety matters (e.g. footwear, jewellery, illness)
  • support the school in its behaviour, anti-bullying, equality and inclusion policies


Pupils will:

  •  show consideration and kindness to all members of the school
  • be polite and helpful to others and think about my own and others’ safety
  • behave well so that the teacher can teach, I can learn and others can learn
  • ask for help when it is needed but think for myself when I can
  • try my best and be proud of my achievements when learning at school and at home
  • leave my own things at home
  • take care of school property


Together we shall:

  • be friendly, polite and helpful so that our school is as good as it can be
  • provide the conditions for all children to learn