Home School Agreement 

The school will:

  • provide equal opportunities for all pupils
  • provide a broad and relevant curriculum, which is balanced according to statutory requirements
  • respond to all discriminatory incidents in line with national and local requirements
  • promote British values
  • provide for children’s learning, welfare, health and safety
  • provide workshops and meetings for parents in order to inform parents about the curriculum and answer questions; provide meetings for parents to report their children’s progress and inform about how they can help at home
  • encourage children to try their best and to work and play
  • co-operatively so contributing to the school community
  • provide an environment which is safe and healthy
  • provide an annual written report on each child’s progress
  • create the conditions for children to be motivated, involved and proud of their achievements
  • be open, and welcoming and listen and respond to parents’ concerns or complaints
  • remind parents about regular attendance and punctuality
  • provide homework at regular intervals
  • promote the following values and attitudes: * Tolerance * Respect * Personal responsibility * Development of self worth and esteem. * Recognition of others’ work and contribution * Fairness and justice * Willingness to acknowledge others’ points of view * Empathy * Co-operation * Concern for other people and the environment * Honesty * Truth
  • ensure that all children are given the opportunity to make the best possible progress

Parents/carers will:

  • support the school in its behaviour, bullying and anti-racist policies
  • make every effort to attend the school meetings/ workshops
  • attend each termly parent/teacher meeting
  • bring my child to school every day and on time (excluding illness) (8.50am start) ensuring that s/he is ready to learn
  • let the school know why my child was absent and keep the school informed of emergency contact numbers
  • return reading packs to school every day
  • support my child with homework and other opportunities for home learning
  • support the school’s policies on health and safety matters (e.g. footwear, jewellery, illness)
  • make sure that my child is appropriately dressed for learning and play
  • support the school’s behaviour and bullying policy
  • inform the school of any concerns or problems that may affect my child’s behaviour or learning
  • bring in a named clean PE kit on a Monday and take home on a Friday
  • take part in activities and receive services such as Speech and Language therapy (SALT) etc that will help my child achieve

Pupils will:

  • show consideration and kindness to all members of the school
  • attend school every day and on time
  • behave well so that the teacher can teach, I can learn and others can learn
  • try my best and be proud of what I can do
  • do my homework as well as I can
  • be polite and helpful to others and think about their and my safety
  • leave my own things at home
  • wear clothes and jewellery that are safe in school.(e.g. stud earrings, not hoops, no high heels)
  • ask for help when it is needed but think for myself when I can
  • take care of property (e.g. school books)
  • tell teachers my ideas for making our school an even better place

Together we shall:

  • be friendly, polite and helpful so that our school is as good as it can be
  • provide the conditions for all children to learn