Geoffrey Field Infant School

Geoffrey Field Infant School

Health, Safety and Security Information

Seasonal advice:

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Health advice:

Is my child too ill for school? 


Scarlet fever

Please see information below from Public Health England regarding Scarlet Fever.

Letter from PHE

Scarlet Fever FAQ


MMR Immunisation

Please see information below from Berkshire Healthcare regarding MMR immunisations.

MMR Information leaflet


Head Lice

Headlice treatment


Thread Worm

Threadworm treatment



Entrance gate

A secure gate system is installed on the entrance path leading to the office.

Once visitors have gone through the gate it will close itself automatically, please DO NOT pull it shut.

Please can all parents assist us in keeping the school site secure by ensuring the gate is securely closed behind them when entering or leaving and not allowing anyone else access unannounced.

Lockdown Procedure

A lockdown procedure enables a school to close down and protect itself and those within it from an identified and urgent risk, such as:

Lockdown is the ability to restrict access quickly, prevent children and staff from moving towards danger or delay an identified risk from entering the school.

Currently there is no statutory requirement to have a lockdown procedure but it is good practice for schools to consider their response to any potential threat to the safety of children and staff.

Geoffrey Field Infant school has a lockdown procedure which all staff are aware of. Should the school go into lockdown parents will be contacted via text at the earliest opportunity.

During such a time please could we ask that the school is not contacted by telephone as this could block the lines when they are needed for outside communication. Children will not be released to parents during a lockdown, this includes a lockdown at the usual collection time. Parents must wait for further contact from the school about when it is safe to collect and where this will be from before arriving at the school. Parents will not be allowed to enter the building until the lockdown has ended.

Lockdown will be practised with the children so that they know what to do.

The safety of the children and staff will be our priority during a lockdown.