All children are expected to attend school every day and on time, unless there is a valid reason. If your child is absent, could you please contact the school to provide a reason for the absence. We do understand that children are unwell on occasion and would not encourage parents/carers to send children to school if they are ill. Good school attendance is vital for each child to reach their full potential.  At Geoffrey Field Infant School we expect a minimum attendance of 96% over the school year for each pupil. Children with 96% attendance for a complete term will receive an attendance medal. There are 3 different medals - a bronze medal for 1 complete term, a silver medal for 2 complete terms and a gold medal for 3 complete terms (the whole year). The Education Welfare Service also run additional challenges throughout the year.

It is no coincidence that higher attendance leads to higher academic achievement. Reading Local Authority expect that each pupil should achieve at least 96% school attendance.  Attendance is closely monitored by the school’s Attendance Team and if your child falls below 96% a member of this team may be in touch to invite you in to school to look at how the school can work together with families in order to improve pupil attendance.

If your child’s attendance falls below 96% a referral may be made to our Education Welfare Officer. If attendance falls below 90% a referral is automatically made to our Education Welfare Officer who will make contact with you. As a result you may be asked to provide evidence of any further absences in order for these to be authorised e.g. a prescription, some prescribed medication, an appointment card.

Parents or carers who take their children out of school during term time for 7.5 days or more without the school’s permission (unauthorised leave),  will be issued with a fixed penalty notice by the Local Authority. The fine is currently £120 per child per parent.

Parents and carers must apply for ALL leave of absence on the Request for Leave of Absence form which must be submitted to the Head Teacher via the school office in the usual way.


Persistent lateness may mean that a child regularly misses the same lesson and this will ultimately have an adverse effect on their learning.  It is also a disruptive start to the day for your child and interrupts the teacher and the rest of the class who are already learning.  

  • Our school day begins at 8:50am. From 8.50am pupils begin their morning challenges
  • If you are running late please telephone the school office
  • On arrival at school, please report to the school office so that your child can be marked in the register. You will be asked to provide a reason for lateness; running late is not a reason
  • Our school day ends at 3.05pm



We aim for every child to achieve at least 96% attendance.